Here’s to 2014, and more mixarella. All my sparkliest wishes to you for the year ahead, and thank you for reading.


Let’s fade away the duller shade of living …

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Disco Queen

As you may remember I mentioned one of my dream acquisitions in my post, Through the Looking Glass.

Well, today one of those men in quirky brown uniforms (and tattoo sleeve or two) who inspires so much sudden and delicious anticipation arrived at my doorstop, bearing two large boxes. Excited and utterly mystified, I clawed it open and what did appear before my wondering eyes?

tree and parcel




Attached was this note.

disco note

I absolutely love you, my darling Earth Beings: Emma, Pippa, Arthur, Felix, Curtis, and Al. Thank you from the bottom of my glittery heart! You made me feel like a true Queen of the Galaxy.

Season’s Greetings, everyone!

Let’s dance!



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