It is my birthday today.

A dear friend, Ada Guerin, sent this to yours truly, today, with this note:

“In a brave new world, Mixarella was left to take on a meteor shower of birthday wishes!”

LA-based Ada is an artist, art director, award-winning designer, writer and cult hero expert. When I worked with her, at The Hollywood Reporter, I used to call her “viciously talented,” as her thinking combined with her unbridled skill is so lateral sometimes it takes you off at the knees. Ada is one of those people who generates works, whether it be an artwork, graphic or essay, and moves on remarkably unaware of how we are gasping in its wake of brilliance and sheer out-of-the-box vision. If only this extraordinary and enigmatic force would show up to work on time but, trust me, she then never leaves.

View more of her work here:




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