Art of Fashion

My friend Robert Ford, he of splendiferous taste and keen eye for style combined with a rapier wit —and, coincidentally the one coined the moniker Mixerella many years ago when I was a wide-eyed neophyte working alongside him in the hallowed halls of The Hollywood Reporter — is also a lover of couture, fashion, contemporary art and the late Alexander McQueen. He weighed in on my recent post, Couture Queen, and makes an excellent point that Viktor & Rolf have taken up the sartorial crown and scepter:

“I think my rampant interest in men’s fashion is probably on par with Mixerella’s for that of the fairer sex. Although I greatly admire a LOT in women’s fashion, I don’t follow it as rabidly as I do men’s fashion. This, however, was not the case with my love affair with Alexander McQueen, whose women’s runway shows I would look forward to every season as if they would provide me oxygen. Yes, his men’s shows were also always great, but the women’s shows were spectacular. Unlike Mixerella, once Alexander McQueen shed his mortal coil and the talented Ms. Burton took over the house, I desperately lost interest in their shows. I think Ms. Burton is a very talented designer, but my love of the house really hinged on my love of McQueen. The good news is Viktor & Rolf have been pushed into my top spot for women’s shows (yes, I love their menswear, too), and they are, happily, still delivering on all fronts!”

You should follow Mr. Ford’s men’s fashion advice and news here: A recent Mr. Ford piece on men’s winter coats:

Mr. Ford is spot on. For me, Viktor & Rolf sets my synapses on fire just like the original Alexander McQueen and his work, I mean, take a look at this, wearable art. It is movable sculpture:

photo © Yannis Vlamos. 
Image Courtesy of

photo © Yannis Vlamos. 
Image Courtesy of

photo © Yannis Vlamos. 
Image Courtesy of

For a further glimpse of the genius that is Viktor & Rolf, watch:


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